People are intrigued because of our packaging and it has definitely given us a competitive edge. We saw a spike in sales when we launched the new package and we are continuing to see growth year over year. Not only are Arbor Tea’s new packages fully compostable, they’re also lighter than their predecessors. Overall, the company’s latest shift in packaging materials reduced the weight of Arbor Teas’ packaging by more than 60%.

Arbor TeasAubrey Lopatin, Co-founder

We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of eco-friendly packaging, and our wrappers give consumers a more sustainable option that doesn’t negatively impact our planet, all with the same convenience of traditional packaging options.

Alter Eco TruffleMathieu Senard, Co-founder

Introducing packaging materials based on renewable resources is part of the Rogers Family Company strategy. This laminate construction with NatureFlex™ combines the packaging quality and functionality our premium coffees require and is fully aligned with our company’s sustainability goals.

Rogers CoffeeTom Garber, VP Product Development

Oakland Coffee is passionate about raising the standard of sustainability across the coffee industry. We believe all single-use packaging can and should be made with renewable materials; all it takes is for companies to have the courage to do the right thing. NatureFlex has been an incredible partner in this revolution.

Oakland Coffee WorksKate Kaplan, President & Chief Operating Officer

Sustainability is the core of our business, and as a leader in this arena we’ve worked tirelessly to pioneer the first compostable pouch that will truly revolutionize the food industry. We’re hopeful that this necessary, good-for-the-planet innovation will encourage other brands to follow suit.

Alter Eco PouchMathieu Senard, Co-founder