A Commitment to Sustainable, Compostable Product

NatureFlex™ by Futamura is an sustainable cellulose film that offers an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.

Our films are certified compostable and meet European and American composting standards, are made from GMO-free renewable resources, and provide the barrier protection you need for a variety of products.

At Futamura, We Live by Four Key Principles:


We will make every effort to consistently improve our products and we will contribute to society via the beneficial properties and performance of the products we make.


We recognize that helping each other is the first step to achieving harmony among people, and that the successful progress of our business is built on that harmony.


We hold true to three core beliefs: “We will create something out of nothing,” “We will always exercise our ingenuity,” “We will work proactively.”


We recognize that the ultimate victory goes to those who conduct themselves with honesty and integrity in all aspects of their business practices.

NatureFlex™ by Futamura is a progressive cellulose film manufacturer. With an in-depth understanding of the packaging industry and specific knowledge in the retail space, we are true experts in cellulose film production. Through continued research and development, we will continue innovating and creating custom products that will satisfy the needs of our customers and the world around them.