Sometimes, What’s on the Outside Does Matter

As savvy shoppers reach for products off the shelves, they are increasingly taking the time to get to know what they’re buying – inside and out. Rather than mindlessly discarding packages without a second thought, consumers are becoming more and more interested in what happens to that packaging long after it’s been used. The golden standard is no longer just to satisfy the customer, but to satisfy the needs of the world around them, too.

NatureFlex™ compostable product packaging by Futamura offer a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic packaging, guaranteed to make a high-impact on your customers, and a low-impact on the environment.

How We’re Different

The Flexibility of Plastic Packaging Film has Never Been Matched… Until Now.

While the convenience that plastic provides is undeniable, conventional plastic film and packaging is often made from fossil fuels and manufactured in such a way that makes it impossible to reuse or recycle.

Our daily interaction with countless plastic products has led many to believe that its performance, ease of use, and flexibility is unparalleled by any other material. With NatureFlex™ we dare to challenge these beliefs, and prove that a viable alternative is not only possible – it already exists.

Rather than petrochemicals, our fully compostable product packaging materials are made of readily biodegradable cellulose derived from wood pulp, sourced exclusively from responsibly- managed plantations. All NatureFlex™ films meet global standards for home and industrial composting.

Discover our Products

Thousands of Uses, Wrapped Up in a Neat Little Package

Futamura understands that no two products are alike when it comes to their packaging. We know that each SKU is unique and has a specific set of requirements that need to be met with absolutely no compromise. NatureFlex™ packaging solutions are completely customizable and uniquely made to protect and enhance whatever you decide to place inside. From candy wrappers to coffee bags, many package types traditionally made from plastic can use NatureFlex™ cellulose packaging material instead.

NatureFlex™ compostable product packaging offers:

  • Accordance with global compostable standards
  • High gloss and transparency
  • Tailored protection barrier
  • Proven print & conversion performance
  • High heat resistance
  • Naturally anti-static
  • Excellent dead-fold

Specialty packaging films are also available in two types of finishes (matte or metallized), a range of colors, and label film. With so many combinations to choose from, your sustainable packaging possibilities are limitless.

Ready to Make the Switch to Compostable Packaging? Your Customers, and the Environment, will Thank You

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