• What is NatureFlex™?

    NatureFlex™ is a family of bio-based and compostable films used for flexible packaging. Most grades are produced with a minimum of 90% renewable raw material. Individual films are BPI and TUV certified for compostability.
  • What are NatureFlex™ sustainable films made from?

    The principal raw material is cellulose derived from wood pulp, sourced from responsibly-managed forests. NatureFlex™ films are essentially a form of transparent paper, with technical attributes that closely resemble other cellulosic materials as opposed to…See More
  • Is Cellulose Biodegradable or Compostable?

    Many people wonder whether NatureFlex is compostable or biodegradable. Both, in fact biodegradation is one aspect of compostability. Biodegradable simply means that an item will break down over time as a result of natural processes,…See More
  • How is NatureFlex™ used in packaging?

    NatureFlex™ packaging films have excellent barrier and printability, and are therefore suitable as a PET or OPP replacement in laminations. For some applications, NatureFlex™ may be suitable as a single-film solution.
  • Will NatureFlex™ products decompose on my shelf?

    Compostable materials, including compostable packaging materials, need oxygen, moisture, and microorganisms to begin the degradation process. As such, the material is shelf-stable and will not break down unless in a compost environment.
  • Will NatureFlex™ protect my product?

    NatureFlex™ packaging films offer high barriers to oxygen, moisture, oils and aromas to protect food products and extend shelf life. Actual shelf life for individual products should be tested.
  • What will it look like?

    NatureFlex™ film packaging has excellent clarity, gloss, and printability, allowing any desired aesthetic to be achieved. Matte, metallized, and color versions are also available.
  • What do I do with the package (with NatureFlex™) when I’m done with the product?

    Industrial and home composting are the ideal end-of-use scenarios for NatureFlex™ cellulose packaging. Some laminations may not be suitable for home composting. Unfortunately, even though NatureFlex™ is produced from wood pulp, it is not re-pulpable…See More
  • What’s the difference between your film and oxo-degradable films? I’ve heard that they’re ASTM-certified as well.

    Oxo-degradable films are not digested by microorganisms, but rather breakdown into harmful micro-plastics. They are not certified for biodegradation or eco-toxicity. 150 companies and associations around the world have signed up to the Ellen Macarthur…See More
  • Would a recyclable package make more sense than a compostable one?

    Recyclable flexible packaging has a narrow window for barrier properties, rendering it unsuitable for a variety of food products. Currently there is no path to curbside recycling of flexible packaging; pickup is only in-store for…See More